Yet another implementation of the Mine Craft game.
Written in Java.
Includes 0% Minecraft source or resources.
Uses the Faithful Texture pack.
Is not compatible with the official game in anyway.

Some parts of the game are complete but much is still left to do.
See todo.txt for a full list.

I've done other clones of MC using web based interfaces but they all failed.
This time I wrote it in Java like the original and making much better progress.

The controls are like the original. Plus a few extras for testing:

This is alpha software so please do not open bug requests.


A:For many reasons.
#1 - It's fun
#2 - I developed a plugin for MC once but once the next release came out it didn't work anymore so I gave up on creating plugins for MC. So I want to create an open source version where plugins will always work.


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